The FAQs


When will I receive my box?

We ship orders between the 1st and 7th of the month, so please ensure that you order by latest the last day of the previous month. We’ll let you know when the order is on it’s way!

Can you grind my beans?

We’re obsessed with the quality and freshness of our beans. Since we cannot (yet) guarantee freshly ground beans, we can only supply freshly roasted beans.

I’ve ordered a box, but my payment didn’t go through?

Thanks for your order! Your payment will go off on the last day of the month and we’ll ship your box early in the following month. If you still suspect an issue, please reach out to us to help!

Why does your site store my card details?

In order for us to automatically process payments for your subscription, our card processor securely stores your credit card details on their servers. We don’t store anything on our site ensuring that your card details are not at risk.

I’m moving soon and don’t want my box to go missing. When should I update my address?

We ship orders between the 1st and 7th of the month so if you find yourself at a new location between those dates, please update your shipping address before the end of the previous month.